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Hazan (human form)
Well if you want to see the hole story of this character here it is.

Before he was a common black jaguar that lived in the jungle close to the Yucatán peninsula. He was hunted by humans and his spirit went to the heaven where he was assigned to be an angel for taking care of lost humans. After years of being in heaven he becomes very selfish because he thought that he was the most strong angel in the heaven and then he claimed himself that he would be a God or the leader of all the angel animals. He also becomes corrupt because he always said that the humans should despair from the earth because they destroy every creature. God seeing his egoism and corruption, he send him to the hell with many angel animals that follow his beliefs. In the hell Hazan and his followers becomes demons who had the job of tormented the human souls that go to the hell. Years after being in hell, Hazan was boring because he as a demon has to do the same torture on and on and on without change. So he tried to scape from hell to the living world. When he scape from hell his spirit was always seen as a shadow in the day and a complete black jaguar in the night. He gets a power given from the devil of seeing inside the souls of people and reading their minds. With that power he read the mind of a teenager maya boy, and he sees that the teenager have a wish of getting away from home to look for more opportunities. Hazan was smart that in the middle of the night he the teenage maya and with his jaguar form he talks to him, and said "listen to me boy. I know that you have big dreams of going away from home. I can give you that wish. I can make you disappear from this village with nobody notice you. But first I need a favor. Come here at the same place when the sun and the moon collide with each other and bring me a death piton. Do we make a deal ?"(Hazan). The maya agreed with his deal. The day of an solar eclipse the teenage maya come back to the same place with a death piton. Hazan appeared from the jungle, looking at the maya boy said "do we make a deal?"(Hazan moves his paw in front of the maya). The maya teenage sake his paw and by surprise the teenage maya died. The body of the teenage maya was possessed by Hazan. With his new body, Hazan went to the depth jungle for do a ritual to open a door between the living world and the hell. Seeing this, God take an action to talk to the shaman of a maya village close to the jungles about the danger. The shaman responded his message by sending the most stronger warriors to the jungle looking for Hazan. The warriors found him when the door of the hell was almost open, the shaman and the warriors kill his body with a saint stick, and close the door between the hell and their world. But even when the Maya's kill his body before complaining his plan, the spirit of Hazan was always around the jungle but he doesn't seems as a black jaguar anymore; after possessing the teenage maya body, Hazan always looks like a normal human with a jaguar hat and tail, always looking for someone for possess and opened the hell door again.

Sorry for my grammar 😒
And you think that I only do dinosaurs.
Is a crazy idea that I have. Hazan is a jaguar demon and .....🤐. Well is a long story. Please tell in the comments if you want to hear it 😉


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